Why Poodl Blockchain?

Low transaction fees, significant growth potential, and sustainable passive income are just a few reasons to use Poodl Blockchain for daily crypto transactions and investment opportunities.
Most importantly, we donate 49% of all transaction fees to support those in need, providing a sustainable lifeline for people facing real-world challenges.

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Explore The Poodl Blockchain

Leveraging the latest blockchain technology, Poodl has launched its own blockchain to enhance our independence from other chains and gain better control over our project's future. This strategic move allows us to innovate more freely and tailor our platform to better meet the needs of our community.

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Crosschain To And From Poodl

The time for half measures is over. Poodl is committed to staying at the forefront of the rapidly advancing crypto space by enabling secure cross-chain transactions between various blockchains through our network. We currently utilize a secure bridge to facilitate cross-chain transactions from different blockchains into the Poodl blockchain. This bridge ensures that assets and data can move seamlessly and securely between networks, enhancing the versatility and functionality of our platform.


Sustainable Tokenomics

Poodl Blockchain is engineered with a unique and indefinitely self-sustaining economic model. This design ensures that investors receive a steady income, regardless of the fluctuations in the Poodl coin's price.

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Poodl Passive Income

Earning passive income with Poodl Blockchain has never been simpler. With an initial investment of just 10 Poodl, you can start generating income immediately, regardless of price movements in the market. As a staker, you'll benefit from a robust reward system that offers a 12% annual return, with the flexibility to withdraw your earnings weekly. In addition to staking rewards, you'll receive a share of gas fees based on the amount of Poodl you stake.

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Bridge To Poodl With Confidence

We have implemented a secure bridge that facilitates the transfer of assets between multiple blockchains and the Poodl chain, making it easy for a wide range of crypto holders to join the Poodl blockchain.

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Decentralised On Chain Swap

We currently offer a quick swap solution through Poodl's internal DEX, designed specifically for the Poodl network. With our DEX, you can convert your assets in seconds, providing a fast and efficient trading experience.

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Blockchain With Purpose

Poodl's vision extends far beyond mere charity. We are dedicated to creating an ecosystem that acts as a sustainable lifeline for those facing real-world challenges. By transacting on the Poodl blockchain, 49% of your fees are automatically reserved to support those in need.

Your Fees Will Help Others

Do Charity With Dignity

To gain the full scope, power and reach of charity it requires the element of dignity to be present. This means that the responsibility for the change needed as a result of being in a charitable situation is given to the end user or the people involved in the project. To fully enrol the power of dignity it is essential to create the awareness of it. Charity alone is not as powerful and far reaching without this aspect being present.

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Become A POODL Validator

Becoming a Poodl Validator is an appealing and strategic way to contribute to the project's future. We offer three types of nodes, each providing unique benefits and opportunities. Interested individuals can apply to become full node validators by staking a specified amount of Poodl (Poodl Network) for a certain duration. Validators can also use Poodl on the Solana chain and the BSC chain for their staking requirements, providing flexibility and accessibility.

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Decide The Future Of Poodl

The future of the Poodl project will be decided by the Poodl validators. Here's how it works: Any ideas or proposals, whether from external sources or within the validators' circle, will be posted and debated. After thorough discussion, a vote will be held. A 51% majority is required for any decision to be made.

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One step closer to your financial freedom

Considering the potential growth of the Poodl project, we can confidently say that Poodl will be a life-changer for those who contribute and get involved at this early stage. With multiple sources of sustainable income through validator nodes and staking, Poodl presents an appealing investment opportunity for many decades to come. Investing in Poodl and managing profits with diligence will bring you substantial rewards and long-term financial benefits

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What Are You Waiting For?

Investing in crypto projects at their inception has often proven to be a wise decision. Numerous projects have launched and, within a few years, have gone viral, transforming the lives of many early investors. Poodl is poised to follow this trend. With its strong foundation, innovative technology, and dedicated community, Poodl possesses all the essential elements needed to achieve massive success.

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